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Meet Our Team


Lisa Kirschner


My vision began with an energetic 3-month-old puppy named Lucy. I wanted to spend all my time training her to be the best dog she could be. We attended some classes, but I wanted more for her; and for me. Dog parks left me feeling dissatisfied. There had to be a better way to accomplish what I wanted for Lucy. That is when I decided to create an indoor, year-round dog training and social center in our area. I knew I couldn’t be the only person who was looking for a safe alternative to the dog park that my dog can play and have fun learning in. Several years later, it’s a reality. Thank you, Lucy.

She has had dogs her entire life. After getting her first Aussie, Lucy over 7 years ago, and her Husky, Isis, over 5 years ago, training has become an important part of her life. She loves to see dogs transition from nervous and fearful to confident and fearless, just as Lucy has.

Lucy plays several sports and does well in them. She has earned her TG1, TG2, and TG3 titles in Teacup Dogs Agility Association, her SSB in UKI Agility, her NJP in AKC agility, and her CL1 in CPE agility. Lucy has also earned her NW1, NW2, NW3, and L1I in nose work through National Association of Canine Scent Work (NACSW), NC and NI in UKC Nosework, and PSD-NC, PSD-NE, PSD-ND, and PSD-NS through Performance Scent Dogs. Lucy has also earned her Canine Good Citizen as well as her Novice, Intermediate, and Advanced Tricks titles through the AKC.  Lucy is also working on her obedience titles.


Kathy Varkados

Obedience Trainer

Kathy always had dogs in her life. Her love and compassion for dogs are immeasurable. 21 years ago, she received a call about a severely abused Rottweiler with a broken leg and heart. That is when Kathy got involved with Rescue and her local Humane Society. She became the Rescue Coordinator, Special Needs Coordinator & Advisor and was on the Board of Directors.

Kathy also taught Humane Education in schools and visited nursing homes alongside shelter dogs, the Humane Police Officer and 1 of her dogs, Clancey who was born blind and deaf. Besides training Obedience, she also trains blind/deaf dogs by touch. Her Clancey is AKC Canine Good Citizen (one of the first blind/deaf to be recognized) and is now doing nose work.

Kathy loves a challenge and wants to help all dogs become confident while having fun learning. She is married and a Mom of 5 beautiful children. Her 4 legged children consist of her blind/deaf Aussies and Border Collies, a 3 legged Border Collie named Checkers and 1 Golden Retriever named Bella.


Laurie Lyons

Head Agility Trainer

Laurie started obedience training with her first Golden Retriever over 30 yrs ago. She competed with him in the junior handler obedience and completed his CD (Companion Dog). Since then she has trained and helped others train their dogs. She worked previously at PetSmart as the Area Trainer. She currently has 5 Border Collies, 4 that compete in Agility. She has also taken them for herding work and basic obedience work. She is currently training Mick in Triebball, and three of them in nose work.

She has been training and competing in Agility for over 10 years.

MACH 4 PACH 2 Dallas MXC, MJS2, MXP5, MXPS, MJP6, MJPS, PAX2 MJB2, XF, T2B2 (qualified for 6 AKC Nationals and competed in the last 5 AKC Nationals.)

dagan kirschner isis in snow

Dagan Kirschner

Manager/ Obedience Trainer

Dagan runs the front end of the facility. He helps our trainers set up for each lesson, takes reservations, and makes sure the facility looks great. He is our go-to person and always has a smile on his face and willing to help all our guests. He also is one of our obedience trainers.

Dagan was born and raised in Stroudsburg, Pennsylvania. In 2009, he earned his Eagle Scout Award from the Boy Scouts of America.

During the winter season, Dagan also works at Ski Shawnee Mountain as a Children’s Ski and Snowboard instructor. He began teaching skiing when he was 14 years old. He has always enjoyed skiing and snowboarding and began his snow adventures at 2 years old.

Dagan attended Keystone College and Northampton Area Community College, where he majored in business. He is also taking classes through CATCH Canine Trainers Academy.


Deb Zirwas

Competition Obedience Instructor

Deb Z started her obedience career 25 years ago when she adopted her ILP (PAL) Labrador Retriever. Deb needed some help with him as he exhibited some behavioral issues and she took both group and private lessons in an effort to help him become more confident in life. When Deb moved to Eastern PA, she met a very talented trainer that not only helped her get him in the ring but as he went from Novice A to Utility A, his scores improved from the 170s, all the way to the mid 190s.

Deb has assisted with both competition and general obedience classes for 20 years. She has enjoyed helping hundreds of students create and reach their goals.

Although Deb enjoys training, her favorite activity is walking her dogs. Even if it is for only 20 minutes, and the same path each day, it is never the same walk twice with a dog. Seeing the world through the dog’s eyes and nose during that walk cannot do anything but put a smile on one’s face.


Jennene Stang

Jennene Stang has had an interest in dogs since she was a child.  She started by showing her Siberian Husky in obedience along with her mother Charlene Rogers. After going to the confirmation shows to show her dog in the obedience, she caught the bug to start showing dogs in confirmation. She now shows her first love, Siberian Husky‘s, and her second love, Labrador Retrievers! She has been mentored by many people in the dog show world and has found you can never stop learning from others.  All of her dogs are Grand Champions, and one is a Grand Champion Bronze.  She is frequently a Steward at shows.  Handling class will get your puppy used to being touched and socialized. The older puppy or older dog fine-tuned or work out problems you’ve experienced as you have shown your dog.

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