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“I thoroughly enjoyed our puppy training obedience classes, Laurie had a good way of coming across and making it easy for us to get our lessons learned. Denver and I have been practicing at home and I hope to come back soon for more classes to steer her towards a job or jobs that she will both love and hopefully excel at. Hopefully I will get to meet Lisa, the next time around.”

- Eileen

“My girls (Regan and Amity) and I love every visit to Sit, Stay 'n Play. Each visit is unique and filled with invaluable learning experiences. The instructors are careful to work at an appropriate pace for all students and, most importantly, they make it fun and positive!! Our dogs' lives (and ours) have been greatly enriched by their experiences here!”

- Maria

“They go the extra mile to help you and your dog learn and grow because it is a team effort, oh and its a lot of fun too!”

- Wicca

“We are very pleased with the facility & the trainers and we look forward to our dog continuing his education. I highly recommend!”

- Laura

“II had a wonderful time at the first PSD Trial we have ever entered. It was hosted by Sit Stay Play. The facility was ultra clean. Staff and Volunteers were all very friendly and professional. Would highly recommend. Jane Nadelson”

- Jane

“Sit-Stay-Play is an excellent facility with some great trainers and programs. Their number one goal is to promote healthy well trained dogs who are good members of society. An excellent facility.”

- Joel

“My puppy Humphrey just completed his 6 week puppy obedience class today. He has learned the commands that will be the foundation for his next class which will be no jumping. I also bring him on Sunday morning for the puppy social which is a play group and he loves it.”

- Blanche

“We love Sit Stay n Play! Our dog Charlie really benefited from obedience training and now he looks forward to Agility training every week. It's great for him mentally and physically. It's fun for him and us. I would highly recommend Sit Stay n Play!”

- Kenneth

"When I found Sit, Stay, ‘N Play, my shy dog was in a bad way – having had a recent emotional trauma. She was very withdrawn, having night terrors and was starting to exhibit signs of depression. Laurie and Lisa listened closely to my story and both immediately recommended Nose Training for her. After only a few weeks of nose training, she was back to her former, more confident self. The class was part of a whole program we implemented for her, with lots of walks, play time, trotting next to my bicycle, obedience refreshers and the nose training, so it’s difficult to point to any one thing that made the difference. But the nose training definitely was major contributor in helping us rebuild our bond and trust. She took to this training VERY quickly and I can definitely see she really enjoys the activity and sense of accomplishment using her nose to solve problems. My girl is just so darned good at this, I’ve changed my mind about not taking the 2nd Nose class. The instructor Stacy is excellent: competent, patient, personable and she tailors the class to help with each dog’s special circumstances. If you are looking for a way to build trust, a closer bond and team work with your dog, I highly recommend this class." 

- Tim K.

"I brought my boy Keisel to Sit, Stay N Play for CGC training and the test. I have been in the dog rescue world for about 5 years and in those years I have learned what constitutes a good and knowledgeable trainer that believes in positive training methods. And let me tell you Lori (or Laurie, sorry!) was amazing; she fit the bill 100%. I am sad that I moved away or else I would continue taking classes there."

- Vanessa

"Lori and Lisa were very professional and cooperative as they offered guidance and support while helping to train my dog. Their facility was welcoming, clean and efficiently designed. Each class was well prepared for and had an objective for the dog was to learn. The trainers made themselves available to answer questions and offer additional suggestions. I highly recommend Sit, Stay and Play!" 

- Kim

"Jackie really looks forward to going to “work” on Saturday mornings! Thanks for your patience with her (and me!)"

- Stephanie

"I would highly recommend Sit Stay and Play! My dog Silas had puppy class there and he did awesome. They were so good with him and he is so well trained now." 

- Heather

"My dog Bowinkle loved coming to classes there. We found the trainers to be thoughtful, helpful, and in fact, Bo past his TDI class on the first try at age 1 1/2 years. Couldn’t have done it without you Lisa. Thanks so much!" 

- Ralph

"We brought Dusty our shy Doberman puppy to the training classes. It really helped to get him out of his shell. We also brought him to puppy play time so he could socialize with other dogs. Great asset to the community!" 

- Ashley

"We have really enjoyed the play times and obedience classes at Sit Stay and Play. The instructor is wonderful and the everyone there is great. I will continue to bring my dog to get exercise and learn. Thank you!!!" 

- Laura

"Our Leo (Lhasa Apso) has learned from your obedience program. Most importantly the play dates. Just yesterday he had an encounter with the dog next door. I was proud Leo knew how to act and mange the encounter without aggression." 

- Diana

"I have been to different dog schools between living in Holland and America. Sit, Stay, ‘N Play is definitely a great choice! Very pleasant and professional. A really nice and clean indoor area. It’s even heated in the winter. Definitely would recommend to anyone." 

- Astrid

"It’s been a journey but Panda and I have come very far thanks to you. I see us as a team at agility and nose work. Thank you for the opportunities that you offer. Keep up the good work." 

- Joe

"From the moment I walked in to Sit, Stay, ‘N Play, I knew it was different. The staff is friendly, courteous and very professional. I had my two dogs go through their beginner obedience program. The results, amazing! The trainers exceeded all expectations and molded me into the dog owner I needed to be for my dogs. They always provided informative handouts with step by step instructions on what to work on in the week leading up to the next class. It’s so rewarding seeing the progress of your dog and what they are capable of as they learn, and grow through the program. I have Sit, Stay,’ N Play to thank for that!" 

- Stacey

"Sit, Stay, N’ Play has been one of the most positive experiences for my rescue Cody. Even though we adopted him at a young age those first few months of his life really shaped what kind of dog he became, he never displayed typical dog qualities. No matter what training or exposure we gave him, he did not like to be petted, play fetch or interact with other dogs. Since enrolling him in Sit, Stay, N’ Plays Nose Work classes he has changed. I have seen him become a more confident dog. He has become more affectionate at home and looks forward to his classes with Carol. When he sees his harness come out he runs around the house excitedly and if I’m not fast enough he runs to where his harness is and hits his nose on it! The classes have given Cody a purpose and has made him happier dog and for that I am grateful! Even my vet asked what we were doing because she noticed he was less nervous. Sit, Stay, N’ Play is filled with professional and caring people. Lisa, the owner, and all the staff I have met are a great benefit to the dog community!" 

- Deirdre

"I am so happy that I took my puppy Max a GSD to your facility for training. I have always taken my GSD’s for training in the past and by far I have had the best experience at Sit, Stay, ‘N Play. Laurie was wonderful as a trainer. I loved that her training method was respectful, humane, patient and well thought out. She was able to easily connect with the dogs and the owners while making the sometimes frustrating experience of training enjoyable for all. I absolutely will recommend Sit, Stay, ‘N Play to everyone I know." 

- Vyolet

"I will do my best to put into words the appreciation I have for the staff at Sit, Stay and Play. I called in the summer in tears. I had a 1 year old AB mix who was a complete jerk around other dogs. My 2 year old hound mix was getting bullied on a daily basis and we didn’t know what to do. I called the vet – he suggested neutering (which we were on our way to doing anyway) but assured me that he was already a year old and to try to retrain or change his behavior was not only going to be very difficult, but would more than likely be impossible. I was heartbroken. He was great with the kids, sweet as could be – but a beast with other dogs. He was scaring the neighbors with his ferocious bark and no tolerance for certain dogs or people walking past the house. It was bordering on the ridiculous. 

I called Sit, Stay and Play as a last resort. It was either try to train this loon, or I’d have to work on rehoming him. I was literally in tears when I called and Lori must have thought I was insane. She was patient with me and they got me and the beast into a class the very next day. That first class was awesome. I left there feeling a little more confident in my ability to help Ty become the mushy love bug I knew he was DEEEEEP down. LOL!! Lori trained me to train him … because I’ll tell you I was somewhat of a mess. I had never encountered a dog I couldn’t get through to. My Ty gives new meaning to the word stubborn.

4 weeks into the 6 week training period – he was a completely different dog. He was less anxious at home. He stopped beating up Jake – and amazingly dogs that he had issues with before he was either engaging in play or indifferent to. His aggression and intolerance was diminishing and I felt much more comfortable in my ability to help him. We put in a lot of work, Lori, Ty and I (mostly Lori!) — but it was so worth it. Without the girls (and Dagan) at Sit, Stay and Play — I’m not sure where we’d be today. We are now into our first rally session and Ty is doing better than I had hoped or expected.

If you haven’t had a chance to check them out … please do. You won’t be disappointed. They are knowledgeable and love what they do. I can’t say enough about them, their program or their facility. There really aren’t words to express my appreciation and gratitude."

- Alicia Kloss (and Ty too! )

"Anyone who wants to have a special relationship with their dog should come and try some of the many interesting classes offered — nothing run of the mill here — or just come for supervised dog meet-ups. 

My dog and I started schooling when he was a puppy and Sit, Stay ‘N Play opened. We’ve come every week since — it is our favorite time of the week. I never knew you could bond with a dog like this. And an added bonus is that I am bringing out my dog’s abilities as I train. It is just plain FUN!

My dog cannot wait to take class. The training is positive reinforcement. The instructors are all very knowledgeable and friendly. The owners are always on hand — great people who are very active in our community.

Overall it has been a wonderful experience. Without this facility to come to, I wouldn’t have the super dog that I now have."

- Jan

"Sit, Stay, ‘N Play has been a great find for me and my dog. The best part about Sit, Stay, ‘N Play has been the extensive knowledge the owner and trainers have about my breed of dog. My dog has been misunderstood many times in his short 2 year life. It is refreshing to train where my dog is understood and appreciated for the type of dog that he is. We are currently attending the Treibball class. I love this class! It is fast pace fun that challenges and stimulates Grady every week! Class size is small, which allows for a lot of individualized attention. It is easy to ask questions and troubleshoot areas that need improvement. Everyone at Sit, Stay, ‘N Play has been very accommodating and so very helpful in my journey to train a difficult dog! Thank you for everything! I look forward to many training days ahead!" 

- Beth Fisher and Grady


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