About Our Facility

Sit, Stay, ‘N Play is a dog training and social center that lets your dog meet other dogs and people, providing both mental and physical stimulation. Our indoor area is climate controlled for year-round fun, sports, and training. We also have a gym complete with equipment that accommodates up to 15 dogs. Unlike some dog training classes, Sit, Stay, ‘N Play classes are held indoors with over 2,300 square feet for our training center. We use environmentally friendly recycled tire flooring specifically designed for dog training and agility. Our rubber flooring gives added traction, joint protection and shock absorption to the dogs (and trainers!) while running and jumping. This matting has been used by top trainers for dog agility practice centers and competitive arenas.

You must have someone stay with your dog during your session. We also offer a viewing area so members of your family that are not training can enjoy their time with us. All children under the age of 12 must be accompanied by an additional adult and supervised at all times. Please be sure to wear comfortable clothes and shoes, preferably sneakers. No heels or flip-flops will be permitted on the training floor. Our facility is available to rent for your private practice time, fun time, or for parties for either your dog or for someone that loves dogs for that special occasion. Please contact us for packages and availability.

Dog Supplies

We also offer a retail area that specialized in products to enrich your dog’s life, such as puzzles and games. We also carry training-oriented gear, treats, chews, collars, and leashes.