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Sit, Stay, 'N Play Donation Policy

Thank you for contacting Sit, Stay, ‘N Play, Inc. As you might imagine, we are frequently asked to provide donations to various organizations and not-for-profits. Though we know all of these causes are worthwhile, our organization has chosen to donate our time and resources to two philanthropic areas that we are passionate about: animal welfare and canine cancer research.

If your organization is in alignment with one of these, we would be delighted to discuss the possibility of donating to your cause. We kindly ask for the following:


Donation Request Form

In an effort to budget, plan and/or prepare the donation accordingly, we require a minimum of 20 days advance notification.

If we supply a physical item, we kindly ask that our signage (which we will supply) be placed next to the donation. We wish you all the best in your fund-raising efforts.

Yours in Doggy Fun.

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