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Positive Training for Positive Results

Sit, Stay, 'N Play is a professional dog obedience training company in Stroudsburg. We specialize in dog sports, obedience training, behavior adjustment, potty training, and puppy training. Our dog trainers are certified practitioners that focus on dealing with behavioral issues without the utilization of fear, pain, or intimidation so that animals will enjoy the learning process and preserve their practical knowledge.

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Refund Policy: There will be NO refunds on class fees once the session starts.

Obedience Training

Our obedience system is based on fun engagements that build focus. A great introductory class that teaches simple cues like sit, come and stay. We offer obedience training for all levels including CGC and therapy. 

Behavior Modification

Here at Sit, Stay, 'N Play, we concentrate on dog behavior modification. Pet dog behavior modification is where we change existing pet dog actions. This consists of but is not limited to training in or changing chain decorum, chewing, dog source guarding, barking, separation anxiousness, leash lunging, chain aggressiveness, dog-on-dog hostility, and dog to human hostility.

House Breaking & Potty Training

House training your puppy is about consistency, perseverance, and also favorable reinforcement. The goal is to impart good routines and construct a caring bond with your pet.

Experts suggest that you begin house training your young puppy when they are in between 12 weeks and 16 weeks old. Then, they have enough control of their bladder and bowel movements to discover to hold it. With Sit, Stay, 'N Play's expertise, we give you the devices and methods to finest home train your new furever friend.

Puppy Training

Enlisting in pup courses prior to three months of age can be an outstanding methods of enhancing training, enhancing the human-animal bond, as well as mingling young puppies in an setting where threat of illness can be minimized. In general, pups can begin puppy socialization classes as early as 7-8 weeks old. Puppy socializing classes use a secure as well as well organized methods of socializing pups and also more quickly enhance their responsiveness to requests. Early and also appropriate young puppy socializing and programs of favorable pet training can go a long way to preventing habits problems as well as enhancing bonding between people and also dogs. While the first 3 months is one of the most essential pup socialization duration in a pup's life, owners of young puppies that have passed this milestone are highly motivated to remain to socialize their puppies to as many individuals, pet dogs, as well as areas as functional.

Dog Sports

We offer a variety of dog sports: Agility, Rally-O, Treibball, Nose Work, & Canine Conditioning.

K9 Nose Work Training

K9 Nosework is an task that enables your dog to use their all-natural desire to hunt. It uses a pet's distinct capacity to find the aroma as well as figure out the source. In training, dogs find out to find one of three scents just about anywhere you can conceal it. Throughout the training, the pets begin to associate that smell pays. And practice makes perfect. After many rounds of these extremely fun games, you'll ultimately move past boxes or containers as well as get to even more difficult obstacles.

Differently Abled Dog Training

Meet Checkers. She is missing one eye, and one leg. She excels in obedience and has started on her nose work journey. Pet dogs with specials needs or physical obstacles are fantastic additions to any type of family and they are equally as capable of playing much of the same sports as abled pet dogs. Tripod doggies and also blind pets can play many sports such as rally, nose work, and also obedience. Deaf dogs can play dexterity in addition to the various other sporting activities noted. We can aid your dog with impairments radiate! To find out more call us at [Phone Number].

Agility Training

Your pet dog deserves a training experience that is enjoyable and also engaging! Sit, Stay, 'N Play assists you meet your pet training objectives. We provide a range of programs like Dexterity Training in [Location]. Also, We can teach your pet dog what you want from them, both within and also outside the residence. So you can take pleasure in a long and satisfied life with each other! Call or email us to start today!

Clicker Training

We offer clicker training! Clicker training, or markand reward, is a kind of positive reinforcement dog training. The clicker or marker communicates the exact moment your pet does what you desire. The timing of the click is vital as well as every click should be complied with by a benefit. This is an excellent form of positive reinfocement for your dog! 

Obedience Training

Our obedience system is based on fun involvements that construct focus. A terrific initial course that educates straightforward signs like rest, come, and stay. Sit, Stay, 'N Play is dedicated to advertising a favorable connection in between you as well as your pet via clear communication and also training tools. We enjoy assisting your dogs reach their full capacity and also attain peace and also consistency as loving members of your household.

Positive Reinforcement

Sit, Stay, 'N Play training program utilizes ONLY positive reinforcement dog training techniques. Some dog training firms who offer "Board and train" will certainly do whatever it requires to get quick results with your pet including utilizing choke chains and shock collars. Sit, Stay, 'N Play does NOT employ any kind of type of aversive dog training methods on your pup unless especially requested by you and concurred by us in advance.


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