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A Trained Dog is a Happy Dog

Great Pet Resources for Our Guests

Here at Sit, Stay, 'N Play we have searched high and wide for the best resources we could find for our guests and their furry children. We care about every aspect of dog care and we wanted to have a place our guests could come and find the best products & services we could find for them. Thank you for being one of our valued dog families. Yours in Doggy Fun!

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Real Mushrooms

Real Mushrooms was born from a frustration with a lack of quality and transparency in functional mushroom supplements. Backed by over 40 years of experience, we continue to pioneer functional mushroom supplements supported by scientific research.
Unlike myceliated grain alternatives, Real Mushroom extracts contain absolutely NO grains or starch fillers.

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Here at Sit, Stay, 'N Play we love what UltraHund has to offer our guests and their dogs.  UltraHund has a wide variety of products and colors there is something for your dog!

Pet Supplements Doterra

Essential Oils

We are honored to be a part of the dо̄TERRA family. Visit them HERE to find out about the many benefits of essential oils for you, your family, and your dog.

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Rachel Ann’s County Clips Pet Grooming

We are a state-of-the-art Pet Styling Salon with a focus on your pets’ health and happiness. Humane treatment, mutual respect, and continuing education are our foundation and what sets us apart from your average pet care establishments.

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Storytellers & Company

Pet Photography that focuses on capturing the personality of a pet or family. No extensive studio setups. No frustration to pose. It’s playful & relaxed. They concentrate on real life, fun, unexpected, real moments & expressive, fine art portraiture. They believe all pets are beautiful, and this is precisely what they want to capture. The work is not a typical setup, stiff studio work. It’s artsy & authentic.

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Inner Outer Utopia Pet Care

In 2006, Pet Passions Sitting Services (our first Canine “Home Away From Home”) sprung to life. A passion for fostering homeless dogs and watching them reap the benefits of living in a home environment instead of a shelter/kennel, helped me to envision and establish a second home for “canines on vacation”. Implementing the same concept of incorporating a homeless dog into our family, we started Pet Passions Sitting Services, which is now called Inner Outer Utopia Pet Care, LLC.

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Snug Pups

Snugpups founder and CEO Gail started our company out of the need to quickly and easily dress her Papillon and three adorable poodle babies. Gail’s goal was to get all four pups dressed and ready for outdoors in under a minute.

We offer the best dog training in Stroudsburg, PA. Come visit our pet supply store specializing in quality food, treats, and supplies for dogs.

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