Is Your Dog Safe This Halloween?

Halloween is right around the corner, and you may already begin getting ready for the fall celebrations and decorating your home and yard. Whether you are taking your dog with you during trick-or-treat, or staying home with them, there are some things that you should be aware of to keep them safe this season.

The treats you hand out to the little ghosts, goblins, and superheroes are not for dogs. Chocolate it toxic to dogs, but even if there is no chocolate, the sugar can cause your dog to have an upset stomach. Be sure to keep the goodies well out of reach and teach your dog to leave them.

Be sure to take your dog out to potty before the activities begin.

Make sure that your dog is safe and secure. Do not leave them tied outside. They may get frightened by all the costumes and break free. When they are inside, keep them on leash so that they don’t dash out the door. If keeping them on leash is not feasible, put them in their crate with lots of yummy food-filled toys to keep them happy and busy.

If you are taking your dog with you, be sure to make sure that their collar fits properly and that they are on a leash. Be sure to keep the leash short and your dog near you. We recommend that you do not walk your dog up to the door, there might be another dog inside that is not prepared to see other dogs. Be sure to teach your dog to walk nice with you and not pull, this could be challenging with watching the kids and hands full of candy bags.

Don’t send your dog out trick or treating with your kids. That’s a parent’s responsibility. Young children aren’t capable of caring for a dog when spooky ghosts and goblins are flooding the streets. If he gets loose and becomes confused, frightened and disoriented, he may even bite out of fear. Dog bites are serious and all dogs who do so are looked upon as a threat.

Make sure that your dog is properly identified by wearing a collar with tags and is microchipped.

Make sure that your pup is visible. There are many products on the market from bright colored harnesses, collars, tags with lights, and clothing to protect your dog as well as many items that are reflective. This is especially important where there are no street lights. Always carry a flashlight so that you and your trick-or-treaters can be seen as well.

It’s fun to play dress-up, but don’t force your dog to wear a costume if they are not accustomed to it. You can start training your dog well before trick-or-treat night to wear it for a few moments at a time. If you plan on getting pictures, do it right away before they get too stressed. Once you have the perfect photo, remove any accessories that may be annoying or make it difficult to see or move.

Be sure that candles, jack-o-lanterns and lights are kept out of reach for your pets. Also be sure to keep glow-sticks and glow jewelry away as well. Although the liquid in these products isn’t likely toxic, it tastes bad and makes pets salivate excessively and act strangely.

Keep decorations, electrical cords, spider webs and streamers hidden and out of reach from your dog. Chewing on these can cause dogs to become seriously ill or even die. Things like streamers and spider webs can choke off the intestines.

Keep your dog safe no matter what. If your dog is aggressive with other dogs or frightened by costumes leave your dog at home in a safe and secure place. Halloween isn’t for everyone and that’s okay.

It’s up to you to do everything you can to keep your dog safe this Halloween. Use the tips in this article — and common sense — to ensure that both your family and your dog have a safe and happy Halloween.For more information on how to train your dog, contact us at Sit, Stay, ’N Play. We are located at 1501 North 5th Street in Stroudsburg. 570.872.9748 or online at Did we mention that a trained dog is a happy dog?