Kind Words From Team Thompson

I have three dogs a min Poodle, a Shih Tzu and an AussieDoodle.

I first found Sit, Stay N Play about 7 years ago and started with the traditional obedience class and then realized the different classes the facility offers. As each of my dogs are different in temperament, energy and likes I have tried to find venues that they enjoy.

Below is each dogs story:

From obedience the mini Poodle moved onto agility and the trainers help me move him from a beginner to titling in several different agility venues. They help me overcome the zoomies and helped me as a handler. However, he started to slow down and was losing interest until he was walking the course. So I tried to incorporate nose work to see if that might bring back his interest. He found nose work boring as he found it once and did not see the need to keep searching. But the trainers worked hard to find a way to encourage him in nose work. But this was not for him and then came a new venue “RODEO”. He is have so much fun working again. The trainer is wonderful and realizes my dog needs praise and she is there to give it. For each activity, these trainers worked to make the team successful and sometimes this involves thinking out of the box

The Shih Tzu, was a recused and had been overbreed so he came with eyesight troubles. We started him out in nose work and of boy did he love the searches. But as his sight diminished he lost his confidence in his searches and he eventually stopped nose work. However, the trainers work with me and would adjust the search during class so he would have success. This meant sometimes rearranging the search but this helped him. He had been doing rally but was losing interest but we then started Competition Obedience and he loves it. The trainer really works with me as she realizes he is not the traditional competition obedience dog. However, the trainer is so good and adjust the training each session to where we are at and help us to be successful. She has gotten so much out of this dog and he loves this class.

My AussieDoodle started at 14 weeks for agility, nose work and obedience. She absolutely loves agility and nose work. The trainers are helping me adjust from the different dogs I train to my AussieDoodle. Through their guidance, we are growing as a team as she is still young.

The trainers have been there each step as my dogs have gone through their ups, down and changes but helps to keep the focus on our dog.