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At Sit, Stay, 'N Play in Stroudsburg, PA, we believe a tired dog is a happy dog, and our indoor dog playground will help achieve just that. Our vision is to enhance the lives of dogs and their owners and to improve the human-dog bond by sharing our knowledge of the effective use of positive reinforcement and games in dog training. Let us help you have your best dog!

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Positive, Pain-Free Dog Training for a Happier Pup

Sit, Stay, 'N Play training program utilizes ONLY positive reinforcement dog training techniques. Some dog training firms who offer "Board and Train" will certainly do whatever it requires to get quick results with your pet, including utilizing choke chains and shock collars. Sit, Stay, 'N Play does NOT employ any type of aversive dog training methods.

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Sit, Stay, 'N Play is celebrating 10 years of pawsome service to our guests and community. WBRE swung by to join in the celebration!

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Team Triumphs

April 2024

4 Dogs for Sit Stay Play

Kevin, Teagan is on the dining room table again!

Strange as it may seem, that is what brought us to Sit, Stay, ‘N Play. Our then-5-year-old Miniature Australian Shepherd, Teagan, is a jumping queen. She can scale a 4-foot fence in one leap from a standing position. When we moved to Pennsylvania in 2021, we decided that Teagan needed to be enrolled in Agility and found Sit, Stay, ‘N Play.

As her partner, I was completely unfamiliar with the sport and not an athlete, dancer, or game player. Fortunately, none of that mattered. Dane Bragg was extraordinarily patient, and both Teagan and I eventually developed our skills and confidence and graduated to Advanced Agility.

Meanwhile, our other Mini-Aussie, Frank, and Marcus our Cattle Dog/Cocker Spaniel/Who Knows? were both enrolled in obedience with the ever-patient Kathy Varkados. About a year ago we decided that both needed to graduate. Frank began Beginner Agility and he and Kevin quickly moved up to join Teagan and me in the Advanced class. Marcus, now 12, enrolled in Rodeo Dog with Kathy. Rodeo Dog is an easy version of Agility for older and disabled dogs. After several months of experience with Rodeo Dog, we decided to try with our Miniature Long-Haired Dachshund, Gretchen. She was 10 then and had no training whatsoever in anything. She didn’t even know, “Sit.” We adopted her at age 7 and she’s been “Daddy’s Little Girl” from that day forward. Well, not only does Gretchen excel at Rodeo Dog, but she LOVES IT!

In fact, all four dogs love their time at Sit, Stay, ‘N Play. We swear that they even know what days they go to “school.” We all have fun. They get great physical and brain exercise, and we enjoy very special experiences with them.

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What Our Guests Are Saying

Jessica M Porter
Jessica M Porter
Enjoying the classes and Shyloh really coming a long way!!!
James Varga
James Varga
I've taken 2 classes with different instructors who were both very professional. Classes used positive teaching methods
Caring. With excellent in-depth experience and knowledge on how to get puppy, teenager, or adult person be trained on how to successfully have a much better walk, meal, play time with puppy
I have 3 dogs, different breeds, and different personalities. The group classes are standard training classes from beginner and up, but the trainers focus on each personality trait of the dogs in the group and teach you how to train your dog the same commands as everyone else, but tailored to the dogs individual personality or specific behaviors that want to be addressed. Sit, Stay and Play taught me how to bring out the best in my dogs, and taught me how to be the best for my dogs!
Heather Sparks
Heather Sparks
The staff is wonderful. They truly care about dogs and will be very attentive to every detail to bring the best results for you and your dog. They are also very friendly and easy to work with.
Jesse Thomas
Jesse Thomas
Very nice staff and very knowledgeable. They also carry high quality raw food our dog loves and is thriving on.
Michele Langevin
Michele Langevin
Great environment to learn friendly people. Always there to help you along your journey.
Askare Bast
Askare Bast
Very knowledgeable staff. Great environment
Kat Lauer
Kat Lauer
Our trainer, Kathy, did an amazing job instructing ME so my pup could have a calm, consistent leader. Pack your patience and don’t get discouraged…your pup will be mentally exhausted after the one hour lesson. Each week she would give us individualized pointers and tweak our technique, in a gentle encouraging way. Thank you!