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At Sit, Stay, 'N Play in Stroudsburg, PA, we believe a tired dog is a happy dog, and our indoor dog playground will help achieve just that. Our vision is to enhance the lives of dogs and their owners and to improve the human-dog bond by sharing our knowledge of the effective use of positive reinforcement and games in dog training. Let us help you have your best dog!

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Positive, Pain-Free Dog Training for a Happier Pup

Sit, Stay, 'N Play training program utilizes ONLY positive reinforcement dog training techniques. Some dog training firms who offer "Board and Train" will certainly do whatever it requires to get quick results with your pet, including utilizing choke chains and shock collars. Sit, Stay, 'N Play does NOT employ any type of aversive dog training methods.

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Sit, Stay, 'N Play is celebrating 10 years of pawsome service to our guests and community. WBRE swung by to join in the celebration!

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Team Triumphs

May 2024

Nudge, Buggles, Boo and Pip

Nudge, Buggles, Boo & Pip

I adopted 4 puppies over the last year and knew training would be necessary as each pup came with personality quirks, 3 due to a very checkered start in life. Sit, Stay, 'N Play has been teaching me how to raise and train my 4 puppies, and with the instruction of Dagan, Dane, Kathy, and Lisa they are growing up to be wonderful dogs!

Training with my pups has created a special bond unique to each one, embracing their individualities, all the while creating a well-mannered (most of the time) pack at home. We look forward to the one-on-one “Mommy and Me” time in class while socializing with other dogs in a safe structured environment. Besides basic commands and manners, the trainers are teaching me how to read their cues and tells, and knowing their cues, allows me to redirect them to the behavior I want before they fail, and the opportunity to give them praise and love, in turn, building their confidence and desire to produce positive learned behaviors. This in itself is a game-changer for our pack!

After graduating with Beginner Obedience, we moved forward to Intermediate, Rally, and Rodeo based on each of my dog's personality and confidence level. The classes have been engaging, confidence-building, and playful while teaching me how to direct my dogs for the desired outcome or work through distractions in life outside the ring. It’s setting us up for success in real-life situations! Who knew a Rodeo command would keep us from getting wrapped around a telephone pole or a Rally command to work through a tight space at a hardware store? We can go out in public one-on-one and have a nice walk, sometimes practicing commands, sometimes just enjoying the weather, but it’s successful!

My dogs still have their moments, and it wasn’t a magical transformation. However, with patience, perseverance, and praise they are growing into their own best potential. I am so grateful for Dagan, Dane, Kathy, and Lisa, I wouldn't have been able to achieve the level we are at today without the outstanding guidance from the team at Sit, Stay, 'N Play!

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What Our Guests Are Saying

Robert Rudnick
Robert Rudnick
Sit, Stay and play is a team of individuals that are dedicated to getting your dog trained correctly. It is not just training, they off er quality products including food that enhance your dog's well being. Did I mention the staff? Well, all with whom I have dealt are knowledgeable, patient, courteous and all you should expect from a service provider.Cannot think of enough positive adjectives but have been training our dog since he was 4 months old. Almost a year later still leraning, both the dog and us. Highly recommend stopping by and checking them out. *****
edward perkins
edward perkins
I can make you that the train is on it this is still not at least if she's under control but I cannot do that there must be another way you can control your dog
Larry Freshcorn
Larry Freshcorn
My dog had been accused of being aggressive. I was concerned because I've never seen an aggressive side of her. So I took her to Sit, Stay, 'N Play. They tested her and found that she was a sweet dog. They suggested that she take a Canine Good Citizen class and a couple weeks later she past with flying colors and received her certificate. The staff and trainers at Sit, Stay, 'N Play were incredible and both my dog and I enjoyed every class. We learned so much from their knowledgeable staff and I was extremely impressed. If you're considering training of any kind, I highly recommend Sit, Stay, 'N Play!
Michele Langevin
Michele Langevin
Great environment to learn friendly people. Always there to help you along your journey.
Brenda Ensleymerlin05
Brenda Ensleymerlin05
It was fun and enlightening
Serge Polonski
Serge Polonski
Great experience and very good results with my dog! Highly recommended!
Jo Ann Schaller
Jo Ann Schaller
Very pleased so far with sit, stay, N play. Zoey enjoys learning. Friendly staff, knowledgable. Looking forward to the entire journey.
Jessica M Porter
Jessica M Porter
Enjoying the classes and Shyloh really coming a long way!!!