Top 10 Things to Do With Your Dog This Spring

The dark days of winter are now a thing of the past.  No need to keep yourself, or your dog, bundled up for your walks.  Now is the time to get back outside and enjoy all that this season has to offer.  Here are some fun ways to get outside with your dog and enjoy your time together.

  • Have a fetching session.  Once the spring thaw melts all the snow and ice we’ve had this winter, it’s time to grab the tennis ball and play some fetch.  Be careful to watch your dog for exhaustion, we don’t want them to get hurt playing.
  • Head to the beach.  Lots of dogs enjoy splashing around in the water, and this is a wonderful season to get out!  Be sure to bring extra towels to dry off before heading back home!
  • Take a hike.  Our region has some beautiful trials.  This is a great time to go see the sights with your dog.  Be sure to bring lots of water and snacks for both of you when you reach the summit.  What a wonderful way to get out and enjoy nature.
  • Get out and run.  If you love to run, you’ve been doing it all winter.  There’s no better time than to have your dog join you.  Be sure to start out slow and keep your dog on leash to protect it from cars.  You can also look for a dog-friendly 5K.
  • Start agility.  Our dogs thrive on both physical and mental stimulation all year long.  By starting in agility, you are helping satisfy those needs.  No need to ever want to compete, agility is fun for everyone!
  • Go camping.  Be sure to find pet-friendly campsite, and take your dog with you!  Be sure to pack lots of extra treats and bedding for your dog.  Most campsites will require your dog to stay on leash, so be prepared with an extra leash so you’ll always have one handy.
  • Go swimming.  Some lakes and streams may still be a little chilly for some dogs, but the pools may be warmer.  No need to have a large pool, kiddie pools work fine as well!
  • Do a little spring cleaning.  While cleaning out your t-shirts, tie them together to create an amazing tug toy!  You can also use it to make your dog a new pillow of their own that will remind them of you.
  • Teach your dog a new trick.  Why not how to skateboard?  Teaching your dog new tricks creates a special bond, and helps with the mental stimulation needed.
  • Take a vacation.  There are lots of pet-friendly destinations in our area, be sure to check them out.  There is nothing like just getting away with your dog, even if it’s just for a weekend.

Enjoy all that the season has to offer, but do it with some planning and foresight. 

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